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Weight loss can be defined – in the context of health – as the reduction in body mass due to loss of fat, adipose tissue or body fluid.

Sometimes it could result from loss of lean mass – bone tissue or muscle tissue. Weight loss can occur as a result of an underlying ailment – unintentional – or as an intentional conscious effort to improve a real or perceived overweight condition.

In this article, we’ll discuss intentional weight loss and the associated weight loss products.

Intentional weight loss

Possibly all people who intentionally lose weight do so for purposes of improving fitness and general health. In this case, they use weight loss products in form of diet programs, exercise guides, supplements, and therapeutic weight loss products.

There are a few cases when a person with an ideal body weight decides to intentionally lose more weight in order to meet a specific requirement, for instance for a sporting or acting role.

Diet based weight loss products

There are a number of weight loss products out there, as well as a huge and seemingly gullible customer base for the products that has helped this business thrive, despite the numerous incidences of scams. When you visit a drug store, you will normally see an assortment of weight loss supplements and other products vividly displayed on the shelves.

It is not uncommon to hear of revolutionary ingredients and new discoveries time and again when there is a new product being launched, which is usually marketing verbiage. A lot of diets and weight loss products claim to help reduce weight with the very minimum of effort but usually their efficacy in the long term is debatable.

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Having said that, it is also true that some diets actually seem genuine and have in fact been backed by leading nutritionists and even recommended by healthcare practitioners.

For sure, some diet plans and recipes can indeed aid in weight loss. Most diet plans are based around the endorsed caloric intake but it is worth noting that diets which simultaneously encourage physical activity are the most successful. In weight loss, the golden rule is to shun foods that have high amounts of sugars, which lead to an increase in body mass and have damaging effects to the overall health.

Other weight loss products

Therapeutic weight loss methods are less intrusive and usually, the ones that are often recommended are those that involve changing eating habits and increasing physical activity. Typically, overweight patients are advised to reduce the consumption of processed foods and reduce the caloric content of their diets while increasing exercise and generally getting more active. Increasing fiber consumption is a common recommendation too.

Other weight loss methods include the use of supplements and drugs that suppress appetite, block the absorption of fat or decrease stomach size. Such drugs can only be issued under strict supervision of a physician.

In cases that are critical, bariatric surgery may be carried out – as a last resort – to decrease stomach size artificially, thereby limiting the amount of food energy that is taken in.

Dietary supplements are used on a wide scale and have been one of the hottest selling weight loss products but they are generally considered unhealthy.

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Weight Loss Products | Quick Weight Loss