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Weight Loss Tips for Mums

Even before motherhood, women spend quite a bit of time being concerned with their weight. But during pregnancy and after children are born, weight loss is one of the top things that Mums worry about and try to make plans to conquer.

But it can be achieved with a little knowledge and effort. By including a few weight loss tips in their plans, Mums will be able to get their pre-pregnancy body back.

Tip #1: While Mums know that an exercise plan is necessary to lose weight, with the responsibilities of children and family, finding 30 minutes to an hour of time to work out can be difficult. Instead, try working out in spurts.

Calories and fat burned from an hour of intense physical activity will be the same whether the hour is continuous or completed in 3 different 20 minute sessions. Some even believe that several short 10 minute workouts may be more effective than one longer session. In any respect, if you cannot find a large block of time, working out in smaller fragments of time can be just as beneficial.

Tip #2: When running errands or taking a stroll with your child, Mums should pack healthy snacks for themselves such as apples and grapes, or hummus and vegetables. Choose healthy snacks that are easy to pack and transportable. Avoid packaged snacks such as food bars, which contain various preservatives. Also, some are loaded with sugar or unnecessary ingredients.

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Tip #3: Load up on small water bottles or your own BPA free bottles.  For effective weight loss, Mums should drink a minimum of eight glasses of water with a gallon of water being optimal. If at home, by starting off with a gallon jug in the morning, tracking the amount of water consumed becomes unnecessary. It is a surefire way to ensure that you’ve met your goal for the day.

Tip #4: While busy Mums may rely of fast foods for savings and convenience, it is not the healthiest way to achieve weight loss goals. For what you would spend on fast food, you may be able to buy a larger amount of healthy fruits and vegetables and be able to spread over a longer period of time. Plus, you will save in calories and earn a lot more in nutritional value.

Tip #5: Include the entire family in your weight loss plan. This does not mean that your family should live on celery and carrots. Instead, plan meals ahead and choose healthy options. Bake lean proteins instead of frying in oil at high temperatures. Include salads, fresh fruits, and vegetables as a part of daily family meals.

Resist the thought of having to make two separate meals when you’re on a weight loss plan. Weight loss isn’t about eliminating healthy foods, but rather making better food and preparation choices. Learning to establish a healthy lifestyle is beneficial to the entire family.

Tip #6: Remember to take your vitamins. The proper nutrition is important for weight loss. Consult with your physician to determine any vitamin deficiencies you may have and set a routine to be sure that you take them.

By following these pregnancy weight loss tips, Mums can be well on their way to a healthy lifestyle.

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