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Zero Friction Fat Loss Review

zero friction fat loss

"Zero Friction Fat Loss" is an easy method that lets you lose stubborn fat easily. Created by an everyday person called Mike who used this system to lose 30 lbs of body fat in just 6 weeks, it is designed so that you simply can't fail.

If you've been on diets before then you know it's a struggle. Hunger, fatigue, and mood swings make the battle impossible.

In "Zero Friction Fat Loss" Mike shares his big secret for stress free fat loss that is a simple and natural way of eating that trains your body to burn more fat.

Mike shuns the idea of dieting - pointing out that the root of the word 'diet' is 'die', which is what dieting is - a voluntary form of starvation whereby your body fights your efforts to diet like it's fighting for its survival - because it's being starved.

No matter how determined you are to endure the hunger, deprivation, jitters etc of a diet, it just won't work. In fact, less than 5% of all people who go on diets actually lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off.

So, what is this course about?

"Zero Friction Fat Loss" understands that your body is already a powerful fat burning machine, and that you simply need to feed it the right fuel to kick it into gear.

The solution offered by "Zero Friction Fat Loss" is to eat normal, everyday foods and let your body take care of the rest. You just have to stick by providing your body with the right amount of input so that it keeps working as a fat burning machine.

To do this you need a meal plan that is laser targeted to your body's needs.

Normally, an approach like this would sound complicated and off-putting. But Zero Friction Fat Loss provides you with an unique software that creates completely customized meal plans for you quickly and easily.

This means you can easily dial in your own unique metabolic priming formula, and better still, you will have total control over what foods go into your custom plan. You can't fail or sabotage yourself - because once your fat burning machine is running 24/7 you're set.

"Zero Friction Fat Loss" is currently being offered at a great price. When weight loss is made this easy, why wouldn't you give it a go?

zero friction weight loss 

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Posted at 3:44:am 12/20/11 by Tom Briggs from USA

Review of Zero Friction Fat Loss - A Consumer's View

If you’re concerned about fat loss, you’re not alone. Hundreds of people across the globe are always on the lookout for new information about weight loss. However, with lots of information, its pretty easy to fall prey to sham schemes marketed as ‘genuine’ weight loss products. Granted, not everyone can manage a home cooked meal every day, or can afford a fitness trainer. But there are some proven schemes that are extremely useful for your weight loss program.

Given the number of sham diets and fitness programs, its easy to understand why skeptics take every new scheme with a pinch of salt. While this is fine, it’s also true that a golden opportunity might easily pass unnoticed. The best thing is to approach any scheme with caution, especially those that purport to give instant results.

Body fat is a natural component of the body and cannot be whipped out overnight with pills. Fat deposits can remain untouched, despite numerous exercise attempts. This results from a gradual accumulation of fat, where there was little or no physical activity. Once any attempt is made at shedding it off, the body would initially ‘resist’ - defensive mode.

The correct approach should be a gradual change too. A good fat loss scheme should take changes in small, simple steps until the body is used to the tweaks. A sudden, drastic change most likely forces the body into a ‘defensive’ state, which is what most sham fat loss programs achieve, at best.

The Zero Friction Fat Loss system

The ZFL system is an elaborate diet scheme that details eating plans believed to facilitate the fat loss process. According to the ZFL system, it is possible to shed 12 pounds in as little as 15 days. It has received acclaim from some medical circles, concurring that not only does it work fast, but it is also within safe, natural limits. The emphasis is on eating food as close to its natural state as possible. Timing and quantity are the other crucial factors.

Zero Friction Fat Loss program is nothing more than a meal planner that doesn’t’t limit food choice. Content ratios are carefully calculated for particular needs, in line with the amount of fat that is to be shed.

The three meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner are standard but meal number is capped at 5 times a day. A two-week food plan is normally prescribed and allows you to choose your favorite foods. There are instructions for a consumption schedule that is customizable. In addition, the system entails a fast-food survival guide with tips to identify the foods to avoid on a menu.

Having said that, it’s worth noting that not all is rosy with the zero friction fat loss scheme. Most negative reviews stem from the fact that the program does not detail any exercise routines.

Another customer was not pleased with the stressful process of getting your hands on the product. Its backers say it’s one way of eliminating unserious people who seemingly have too much free time on their hands to make an order, only to return the product without trying it, giving irrational reasons.

The zero friction fat loss program is sold with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Overall, our review of Zero Friction Fat Loss is a thumbs up. Go ahead and try this great course out today!

zero friction weight loss