The Ultimate Beginner Weightlifting Routine

Looking for the ultimate beginner fitness routine? Don’t just randomly do exercises. In order to see the best results, get a structured routine.

Most newcomers to weightlifting decline into one of two traps. Some participate in the gymnasium with no schedule for the day except “getting a great burn.” As an outcome of this, a novice will bench, curl and use the entire set of haphazard machines at the gym until they go tired and look as though they got a better exercise because of the all significant burn. The other type of novice finds some unbelievably complicated 5-day bodybuilding routine and figures that since its complicated and big bodybuilders use it, it must be good for them. These are both awfully ineffective ways of getting results as a newbie and any beginners reading this article should regard themselves fortunate that they have such a huge source of information at their fingertips.

The most important thing to making big gains as a novice is to concentrate on the principal compound lifts and making linear advancement with them. By far the best manner to make this is by using Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength. If you seek to save yourself a moment from reading this article, halt right now and spend whatever money you were about to on some phony supplementation and buy Starting Strength from Amazon. In addition to containing an amazing routine, the script goes into tremendous detail about all the leading exercises involved, including the bench press, squat, deadlift, military press, and power clean, providing descriptions in astounding detail and pictures illustrating appropriate form and technique for all the exercises. This script is good for anyone from beginners, to coaches, or just anyone who has not mastered the squat, deadlift, bench press, or military press.

Enough advertising, here is the routine:

Workout A

3×5 Squat

3×5 Bench Press

1×5 Deadlift

Workout B

3×5 Squat

3×5 Standing military press

3×5 Power cleans/Pendlay Rows

You train on 3 nonconsecutive days per week.

So week 1 would look like:

Monday – Workout A

Wednesday – Workout B

Friday – Workout A

Week 2:

Monday – Workout B

Wednesday – Workout A

Friday – Workout B

The key to success with this routine is to keep progressing in weight for each exercise. You should ideally add around 10-20 lbs to the deadlift and squat every exercise, 5-15 for the bench press, and 5-10 for the rows and military press. When you can’t progress in weight anymore, it is significant to assess the position:
1) You aren’t doing what you are supposed to be doing for recuperation. This includes diet, vitamins, water, no skipping meals, etc.
2) You aren’t adding weight on decently. Stop worrying about what people in the gymnasium think of you and don’t add two 25 lb plates to your squat in between workouts.
3) You have newly added exercises (such as dips/chins/arm work) or made your own adjustments to the plan in whatever style.
4) You are doing everything decent: sufficient rest, and fine weight advancement, but you are merely advancing closer to your hereditary limitations.

If it anything but number four, simply mend it and remain on with the routine. If it is amount four, congratulate yourself for not doing anything dumb and have willing for a reset. Drop 10% the weight in the exercise you have stalled on and remain with your routinee. Once you stall continually or stall in many exercises simultaneously, you are no longer a novice anymore and it is the moment to alter your routine! Consider yourself fortunate before you get to this level because you will see tremendous gains while on this routine as long as your diet is in order. You will likely be capable to remain on this procedure for a few months and you will be able to squat around 210 lbs! You should You should have put on some serious pounds and strength by now and it is time to like for an “intermediate” routine.

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The truth about loosing weight and diet

The topic entitled ìthe truth about loosing weight and dietî is a very interesting topic and speaks mainly about how to keep oneself fit and fine. Everybody wants to look healthy and beautiful and much younger than what they are. There are many commercial advertisements shown on the television on how to lose weight. These advertisements basically try to focus on some equipment and convince the customers to buy them. They actually try to portray that their products are the best and by using it they can reduce weight in just days. But actually they want to sell the product. These gym equipments do not help in any great way. The actual way to loose weight is to follow some free hand exercises and to have a diet which does not contain fat in any way. There should be a proper balanced diet which contains protein, fat, vitamins, and low calories.

Nowadays most of the people are very much health conscious and wants their body to be fit and fine. There are many online exercises available which could be followed or even some CD packs available which contains some of the latest techniques on how to lose weight. Increasing of weight and having an improper diet can also lead to many harmful dieases.This is the reason why most of the people have become so much health conscious and why so many fitness programmes are coming up. But buying any gym related equipment which is shown in the television or any miracle diet is not what it is shown to be. People do not get any result out of it. The only thing they lose is money.

There are also some sites available where you can find some of the updated techniques on how to reduce weight and here one will not even lose any money. Losing weight has many advantages. First of all you are going to look good. You will be free from all kinds of diseases. So everybody is trying to reduce their weight than what they are.

Nowadays junk foods have become a favorite with young people and they are consuming it in a big way. But these junk foods are very bad for health and increases fat very quickly. So people should take care about their diet as increasing of weight may lead to serious health problems. One should eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and milk and all other food which is free from fat or contains very low fat.

This article is mainly trying to inspire the todayís generation to be conscious about their health. By reading this article you will definitely understand the truth about losing weight. In order to get something you definitely have to lose something. So to look slim you have to sacrifice some tasty food and follow some free hand exercises or do walking or jogging everyday in the morning. This is only the truth of losing weight and staying fit. People who have followed this have gained in the long run.

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The Truth About Losing Weight On A Vegetarian Diet

ìIt does not matter what you eat. Just donít eat a lot, exercise, and your weight will not be a problem.î


Not quite!

There is scientific evidence that a vegetarian diet keeps that weight down, whereas meat eaters put it on. What you eat does matter.

You know that weight loss is an industry. A money-making industry with many claims to make:

Claims of weight loss pills, herbs and juices. Claims of exercise machines and exercise programmes. Claims of high-fat, no fat or lean diets.

Which work? Which do not? How to find those things that work? It is bewildering. And expensive!

The US FDA has warned against the effectiveness of a number of products that are being marketed. They include fat or starch blockers, weight loss chewing gum and body wraps.

Even weight loss earrings and spectacles are in this list. Perhaps the last one is effective when your friends wear them to look at you?

By contrast, vegetarians and vegans know what they eat and why they eat it. They save money and lose weight.

Weight loss of both your body and your wallet? Why not.

Vegetarian food production is inherently cheaper than that of meat.

Just like a high fibre vegetarian diet goes through your system faster, the vegetarian food production chain is short compared to that of growing meat.

Growing animals for meat is after all energy-intensive, time-consuming and expensive.

For instance, it takes five kilograms of grain to produce one kilogram of beef. It is that concentrated energy that you eat. And itís not high-fibre.

Short production cycles are better for the planet and shorter digestive processes are better for you.

Perhaps you do not even need special low calorie vegetarian recipes to lose weight.

A vegetarian or vegan diet appears to be a recipe for weight loss in itself! At least it represents an excellent start.

Consider the latest research.

Vegetarian and vegan diets work

Recent British scientific research is based on a study of 22,000 people who were followed over five years. All participants put on weight over that time.

However, meat eaters who changed to a vegetarian diet gained the least weight.

Prof Tim Keys, who led this study for the University of Oxford and Cancer Research UK, obtained interesting results that are contrary to popular beliefs. His study is published in the Journal of Obesity.

He said: ìContrary to current popular views that a diet low in carbohydrates and high in protein keeps weight down, we found that the lowest weight gain came in people with high intake of carbohydrates and low intake of protein.î

The study involved meat eaters, fish eaters, vegetarians and vegans. On average the entire human sample population gained 2 kilos over the five years and none of them were overweight.

The less consumption of animal products, the less weight was gained, leaving the vegans on top, with vegetarians runners-up.

And the bit about exercising then?

Well, itís part of a holistic picture it seems. The study also found that those who became more physically active gained less weight than those who did not. No surprises there.

So, not good news for vegan couch potatoes and a ray of hope for raging carnivores?

WellÖ, the simple message is, whatever you eat, physical activity is part of the weight loss, and health-deal.

Good health

Health too? Yes, this study is part of a larger investigation by EPIC (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition), comparing half a million peopleís diets in 10 countries to learn how diet is linked to cancer. Results from EPICís investigation show that diet is a leading cause of some cancers.

A balanced vegetarian or vegan diet is good for your health.

Take diabetes, often a condition associated with inadequate diet and being over-weight. The EPIC study has revealed that diabetics carry three times the normal risk of developing colo-rectal cancer.

And a recent Australian study even suggests that a diet that is rich in vegetables and fruit can reduce the effects of asthma attacks.

The wider benefits of choosing a vegetarian or vegan diet for weight loss are obvious.

ButÖ perhaps youíd still rather take the ëeasy wayí out and continue to eat meat. Meat perhaps that has been engineered for your ëhealthí?

Voila! Researchers at Harvard University have now engineered pigs to produce ìhealthy forms of bacon, ham and pork crackling.î

Three little pigs were genetically modified to carry Omega 3-converting genes of a nematode worm. This gives the meat of these three little research pigs the benefits of fats and oils found in fish andÖ vegetables!

Talk about a long production process to get the same benefits from plants that take a fraction of the energy and time to produce.

Iím telling no porky: before long pigs will flyÖ But do you want to eat them?

Get motivated.

Weight loss may be your focus but you can see that its achievement is connected to a holistic picture, including your health and that of the world we live in. That is why you could say that many vegetarians and vegans are socially responsible eaters.

Perhaps that insight will give you the motivation to become a vegetarian or vegan: to lose weightÖand to discover a whole new world!

Of course some people have medical conditions that cause them to be over weight.

It would be foolish to recommend a vegetarian diet as a miracle cure in those instances. But in all other cases of being over weight there is one over-riding thing that you need: Motivation.

If you know why you want to lose weight you will do it. Motivation is everything. The evidence is in on effectiveness of vegetarian diets with respect to weight loss.

If you also know that you are doing your body and the planet a favour by losing weight through vegetarian or vegan dietsÖ then what are you waiting for?

Itís over to you!

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The Weight Loss Benefit of Green Tea

Research has been conducted over the last few years to identify what compound present in green tea makes it a potent health drink. The scientists have found that green tea contains several antioxidants which are responsible for many of green tea’s health benefits, including weight loss benefit.

A research study by American and Swiss scientists on the weight loss benefit of green tea was concluded and the results of which were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Urology. During the course of their study, they have found that green tea contains certain compounds that contribute to its weight loss benefit.

Lead researcher, D. Abdul Dulloo said in a press release that there are only two ways to achieve weight loss – either reduce energy intake or increase energy expenditure. Green tea, it seems, has compounds that can increase the body’s normal metabolism rate, thus giving it its weight loss benefit.

At the University of Geneva, where the study was conducted, Dr. Dulloo and his colleagues experimented on ten healthy young men. They theorized that the main contributor to green tea’s weight loss benefit is its caffeine content. To test this hypothesis on green tea’s weight loss benefit, they placed the study’s participants on a typical “Western” diet which is about forty percent fat, thirteen percent protein, and forty-seven percent carbohydrates.

Thrice everyday, the researchers measured their subjects’ energy expenditure (the measurement used in determining the number of calories burned in 24 hours) and monitored their respiration quotient to find out how well they utilized their carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

When they interpreted the data they collected, they found out that the men receiving regular dosages of green tea extract showed a significant increase in their 24-hour energy expenditure and a reduction in their respiration quotient (which means that more fat is burned, thereby achieving maximum weight loss). On the other hand, those men who were only given caffeine or placebo with every meal showed only minimal increases in their metabolism rates.

The scientists construed that the substance catechin polyphenol present in green tea adds to its weight loss benefit. These substances in green tea may alter how the body uses the hormone norepinephrine which is responsible for increasing the metabolism rate, thus leading to weight loss.

In their conclusion, the scientists inferred that green tea owes its weight loss benefit to the presence of antioxidants and the substance catechin polyphenol. These substances help increase fat and calorie burning and optimize weight loss.

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