The Reason You Canít Lose Weight!

There is a common misconception that you have to starve yourself to lose weight. This is simply not true! On the contrary, you must eat to lose weight. It is the Glycemic index that can help you determines what happens in your body. Let me explain.

Your body needs glucose, which is a form of sugar, and is the main fuel for the body. The body is constantly trying to maintain blood sugar levels and it is the carbohydrates we eat that turns into glucose which goes directly into the blood stream to feed all the cells of the body. Glucose is the only fuel your brain uses and it is the brain that uses more energy than any other part of your body. If your blood sugar goes down, it starves the brain and a wide variety of symptoms can occur such as feeling weak and sluggish, drowsy, dizzy, confused, headache, irritability, trembling, rapid heart beat, and even anxiety and panic attacks.

Carbohydrates alone do not make a healthy body. We need a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat, water and exercise to maintain health. The biggest difficulty that we have with weight problems is over indulging in high glycemic foods. These are the foods that contain too much sugar or foods that are refined carbohydrates. If you over indulge in carbohydrates, (which produce insulin) then the excess glucose gets stored as fat. You can counter that by eating protein with it, (which produces glucagons). Glucagons promote the utilization of fat to be used for energy. Insulin and glucagons in balance maintain normal blood sugar levels. A body in a high insulin state promotes excess stored fat and disease.

The foods that are high on the glycemic index are foods such as the root family, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, rutabaga, yams etc. If you want to eat potatoes then Iíd opt for the yams or sweet potato (without the honey and brown sugar). They are the lowest on the glycemic scale. Also rice, pasta, corn, most breads are high on the scale as well as some fruits like bananas, apricots and pineapple.

Some low index foods are vegetables such as broccoli, the lettuce and cabbage family, various beans, dairy and soy.

I would also like to make a mention about fat. Fat in it self is not the bad guy. Our diets require fat to remain healthy. Fat provides fuel for the body plus it helps in the development of cell membranes and hormones and also helps to insulate our bodies. Fat in our foods is what gives us that satisfied feeling. You donít need very much fat intake. Stick with good fats like olive oil and stay away from saturated or trans fats.

Portion size is very important. The rule to remember is; if you have approximately 3 oz. of protein and you have a high index carb. then eat only 3oz of that carb. It is a one to one ratio. A protein and a low index carb. would be 3 oz of protein and 6 oz of carb. It is a 1 to 2 ratio.

If you eat 6 small meals per day in the correct ratio then you should easily be able to lose weight.

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The Right Way To Use Weight Loss Supplements

In our modern world, technology is not the only thing people are crazy about; they are also obsessed with their image. Presently, the criteria for judging beauty are a tall frame and a lanky stature.

Unfortunately, this found an ally in the media, who religiously enforces the rule for people to stay thin. You simply have to conform to this rule to be considered beautiful.

The result of this state of affair is the countless weight loss supplements that crowd the shelves of most stores. Everyone wants to be thin, and with the various diet plans at our disposal, there is really no reason why we can’t be.

Of all the stores that stock these special medications, one stands out. It is called GNC, and it is known as the epitome of vitamins, muscle builders, and weight loss supplements.

This is because whatever product you are searching for to help you build muscle or one to aid you in dropping some pounds, you will surely find it at GNC.

However, this is not the only source of getting slimming products, there is another option- a far broader one in terms of resource, and it is known as the internet.

The internet is cluttered with a wide spectrum of weight loss supplements and vitamins. You will not only get several methods about starting a new diet and fitness regime, you will also find countless information to help you get started correctly.

But the decision of settling for a particular brand of weight loss supplements is not an easy one to make, not with the dozens of advertisement we see on television every day.

When confronted with such a situation, your first thought should be your objective. You should ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish.

Are you simply searching for quality weight loss supplements to shed off some extra pounds?
Or are you also trying to firm up your figure?

At this junction, it will be a smart move to consult with a specialist who can help you out with professional tips on how to get started.

It is important to purchase the correct weight loss supplements. Most of the so called “miracle pills” can have adverse side effects. Some offer lame cures that simply pull all of the water off your body, creating an illusion that you’ve lost weight. This is not a healthy way to do it.

The right way to burn off real fat and get into good shape is with a balanced diet and exercise, combined with weight loss supplements.

So jump online today and sort through the plethora of weight loss supplements. You want to lose weight, then you need to ensure you are doing it the healthy way.

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The Secret Of Weight Loss Water

The {question remains|querry is still}: {how helpful is water in losing weight|what does the water do to assist in reducing weight}?

In a manner of speaking, water {is an appetite-suppressant much like|blocks out hunger more similar to} ephedrine, the {ingredient in weight loss pills which allows the subject to control her diet|substance in fat reduction pills that makes the person curb her appetite} by {being able to repress the urge to eat|suppresing the craving to eat}. {However|On the other hand}, water {works in a different way|effects in a distinctive manner}. Water does not {suppress your appetite per se|curb your appetite alone}, {rather|instead}, it {fills your stomach with content|satisfies your hunger }, {tricking it to believing that it’s ful|deceiving it to feel that it’s already stuffed}l. This is {known to bury a person’s pressing need to eat|recognized to forget someone’s urgent necessity to gobble something}.

Water, in {fact|reality|truth}, is a {key component in a popular 3-day diet plan circulating on the internet|major factor in a famous 3-day diet scheme that can be found on the web}, where the {subject will be asked to observe fasting for 3 days|person will be required to abstain from eating in a matter of 3 days}, {taking in nothing but water during that period|gulping down nothing but water all throughout that period}. Water is {supposed to provide the nutrients that the subject needs|expected to supply the nutrients that the person should receive}, {at least for the 3 days involved in the program|in no less than 3 days included in the plan}.

{Additionally|Moreover|Furthermore}, water {likewise complements the pursuit of a healthy rate|also balances the struggle for a regular pace} of metabolism. Metabolism is the {key to effective and sustainable weight loss|way to a helpful and manageable reduction of weight}. {In a nutshell|in short|To summarize}, a {person who possesses a slow rate of metabolism will be able to burn less calories|an individual with an irregular pace of metabolism will shed a smaller amount of calories}, and {in effect|as a result}, {will collect more fats in his body|will acquire more flabs in his body }. {A person who possesses a healthy rate|Someone who has a fast paced method} of metabolism, {on the other hand|however}, {will be able to burn more calories|is more capable to lose weight}, and {as a result, will retain fewer fats|as an effect, will develop a small amount of flabs}.

{How does water affect the picture|How can water change everything}?

Metabolism is {a function|the purpose} of the liver. The liver, {however|on the other hand}, is also {charged with cleansing|assigned to purify} the kidneys. Water {cleanses|purifies} the kidneys. So {with enough intake of water|with the right amount of water intake}, there will be {less pressure for the liver to perform its task|fewer stress for the liver to do its job} and it can {concentrate more on improving and maintaining the rate|focus mainly on developing and keeping up of the speed} of the body’s metabolism.

Water is also {an excellent|a good} detoxifying {substance|component}. It {helps cleanse the body of the toxins that may have built up throughout the years|assists in purifying the body of the contaminants that may have developed over time}. Detoxification will {lead to a healthier body|be a headstart in achieving a hake and hearty body} that will be{more fit in pursuing physical activities|more ready to engage in substantial actions} that can {help the person lose a lot of weight|assist someone in losing a significant amount of weight}.

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The Secret Weight Loss Machine

There is a piece of equipment available that has been shown in clinical tests to be unsurpassed for assisting in your weight loss goals – want to know what it is?

The Treadmill – exercising on Treadmills has helped many people to achieve their weight loss goals – and it can help you too.

Treadmills can be used by virtually any age group, and by individuals of any activity level. Treadmills can help you lose weight, and maintain your weight loss.

It really is a numbers game. The more time you spend engaged in physical exercise the more calories you are going to burn and consequently the more pounds you will lose.

If you are searching for fitness equipment that will not only burn fat, but will also raise your metabolism to continue burning fat long after youve stopped exercising, then a treadmill should be at the top of your list.

The treadmill is matchless for cardiovascular exercise. According to a recent study, calories burned on the treadmill for 60 minutes averaged 865 – 705.
Compare this figure to the following:

Stair machine 746 – 637
Rowing machine 739 – 606
Stationary cycle 604 – 556
Cross-country ski machine 678 – 595

As you can see the treadmill comes out as the number one cardiovascular machine.

If you would like to develop your own weight loss treadmill program here are some ideas:

Be creative – make your Treadmill session pleasurable, listen to music or audio books on your MP3 player. Some people prefer to just take the opportunity to think or just day dream. The more you enjoy your Treadmill session, the more likely you are to exercise on your treadmill regularly.

Try to exercise daily. Working out on your Treadmill regularly makes your weight loss goals much more likely to happen than if you are only working out only when the mood takes you. Most people that make the switch will tell you that it’s easier to workout every day. You don’t have to think about whether it’s a workout day or not and get prepared for it – just exercise on your treadmill every day – your body will become accustomed to it. It will soon become part of your routine and you will begin to look forward to it.

Try to mix in some interval training into your Treadmill sessions each week. Interval training consists of brief periods (about one minute) of more intense exercise incorporated into your Treadmill workouts. You may do a one minute interval of faster walking about every five minutes throughout your workout.

Start with a three to five minute warm-up and then five minutes into your walk you do your first interval, one minute of faster walking. At the end of that minute you should be out of breath and ready to slow down. Slow down to your regular walking speed for the next four minutes and then your fifth minute is another one minute interval. Repeat this throughout your workout.

By this means you can increase your aerobic fitness level to the limits of your ability. You are in essence crossing the anaerobic threshold into anaerobic metabolism, this forces your body to accept more intense exercise which will in turn make your weight loss gains more achievable.

By increasing your basal metabolic rate, interval training cause you to burn more calories a day, and make your exercise less monotonous. Interval training also helps the time pass more quickly.

Try walking on your Treadmill with light hand weights of between one and two pounds weight for two to three days per week. Swing your arms and also use a variety of arm movements while walking. This will increase your basal metabolic rate and tone your upper body muscles.

Try to do your Treadmill workout first thing in the day. Most people who workout regularly, do so first thing in the morning. If YOU want to exercise regularly, you are more likely to succeed by being an “early bird”

In order to add a bit more variety to your routine set one day of the week aside to be your “easy day”. This should be a very leisurely session. Consider how good your walks are starting to feel as you continue to lose weight and tone your body.

You have probably heard the expression “if you can’t measure it, then it doesn’t exist”. With this in mind make sure that you record your progress. Record the date and time-of-day of your workout, and the distance and/or time you walked. Record the total of the miles or minutes you’ve walked. Your thoughts or feelings for that particular workout can also be logged.

All of the above measures will help to ensure that your Treadmill Exercise Session is that one special time of day to take care of yourself. Don’t let anyone or anything keep you from your special time with your Treadmill. Working out on your Treadmill every day will help you achieve your weight loss goals and have a positive impact on all aspects of your life, including physical, mental, and emotional health.

If we only consider the issue of weight loss, the Treadmill is significantly superior to any other exercise machine given its associated energy expenditure. While other fitness equipment “fads” gather dust Treadmills have consistently provided quality results and lasting benefits. Treadmills allow you to work at your own pace, but don’t allow you to slack off. You’ll be able to burn calories efficiently and attain your weight loss targets.

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